About the App

Jeel app provides your child with many cartoon series, tales, songs, exploratory episodes and games of the appropriate value and behavior dimension under the supervision of a professional group of educational and psychological specialists.
Yes, your child can use the Jeel app alone, but under complete parental supervision and control that includes: determining the use duration, paying the subscription, and following up the child through reports while taking advantage of the supportive educational materials we provide for parents.
Jeel app content is suitable for most children from 3 to 9 years old, and in the following versions, we will work to provide content that suits more age classes.
Jeel offers educational support for parents who provide them with full reports on the application use and viewing and results of your child’s activities on the application, and provides you with educational development papers and programs that help you understand and develop your children’s strengths.
We understand your concerns about your child from using screens and exposure to inappropriate content, please be absolutely sure that the health and safety of our children is also our greatest priority; so, the content of Jeel is completely safe for your child; the application is characterized by the ability to determine the duration of the child’s use, and it also provides reports to the parents about the times the child uses the application, and also provides them with educational support materials to correct any mistakes they may face.
Jeel app is currently running on Android & IOS operating systems via smartphones and tablets only, and we will work on spreading more operating platforms in the upcoming versions, God willing.
We keen on this, and you will always find a part of free content in every corner of the application, but in fact we are more keen on providing the best possible for our children and this costs us very much; meanwhile, three children can enjoy one subscription, in addition to our continuous offers to reduce the cost on the user.
Jeel app offers you many types of reports, you can learn more about the reports, their types and how to benefit from them, click here.

Subscription in the app

You can certainly access your account through either system, just download the application from the play store.
Hello, you can register with the phone number or with your social media account, but the phone number must be added within the registration data in Jeel app.
Only if the auto-renewal option is enabled, the subscription will be renewed on time.
We are pleased to accompany you with us, and we hope that you will return soon. To cancel the subscription, make sure to stop the automatic renewal, and the subscription will automatically stop at the end of the paid period.
Hello, it is enough just to pay for the next period to enjoy all Jeel services.
By entering the subscriptions section in the Parents application.
The account is activated upon payment, and you can enjoy all Jeel services during the subscription period.
If you believe you made a payment in error, please send your account information to Customer Service Email: hello@jeelapp.com and we will contact you to solve the problem.
This depends on the terms and conditions of each offer.

Hello, Jeel app always offers you free content, and for more content and to enjoy the rest of the services of Jeel, you must subscribe to the application.

Application Use

We assure you that the version of Jeel app without music does not have a single second of music, but it is supported by completely natural human sound effects presented in a very professional manner (Acapella), so that your child can enjoy the application without violating your choices.
Jeel app is from the category of applications with great visual and interactive content, which makes it occupies a phone memory of +100MB; however, we are working hard to reduce this space in the following versions.
We apologize for the inconvenience, just click on the unsubscribe button in any notifications message you have previously received, or just provide us with your email address to turn off these notifications.
Please check your internet connection and pay attention to letter case in writing password upon log in. If the problem persists, just send the disabled account data to customer service E-mail: hello@jeelapp.com and we will work to resolve the problem immediately.
Please make sure that you have an internet connection and that the country key is written correctly. If the problem persists, simply send your phone number to customer service email: hello@jeelapp.com and we will work to resolve the problem immediately.
Don’t worry, just send your email address to customer service email: hello@jeelapp.com and a technical team official will contact you to resolve the problem.
Yes, the account holder will be confirmed on the new device first before logging into the account either by phone number or your social account, according to what you have previously registered.